Marya Holcombe's most recent projects at Strategic Communications involve creating and leading a nationwide teleseminar for a major consulting firm and developing templates and visual guidelines for clients who seek to create a powerful image in the marketplace. Mrs. Holcombe began her career as a writer and editor for Random House and other publishing clients. After graduating from Oberlin College with a BA in political science, she did graduate work in government and public policy at Harvard University. Her recent articles include "Creating Powerful Visuals," published in the Competitive Intelligence Review and "Managing Organizational Relationships" in The Internal Auditor.


Judith Bauer was educated as an economist at Columbia University. Since then, her career focus has ranged from consulting to marketing. Her experience includes work for Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield as Director of Internal Consulting and then Director of Marketing Services and Planning. Prior to that, she worked at the Conference Board, where she was first Director of Planning and then Corporate Secretary. At Strategic Communications, she works with major marketing and consulting clients in both training and individual consultation. Ms. Bauer is a certified MBTI instructor, has a BA in Economics from Queens College, and did her graduate work at Columbia University.


Lalana Green develops and conducts presentations and writing programs in the United States and abroad. Her recent projects include a series of presentations workshops for the sales division of a major corporation and development of an advanced presentations program (including negotiation and meeting skills) for a large equipment manufacturer. Ms. Green is multilingual, with a BA from Cornell University. Before joining Strategic Communications in 1983, she was a credit analyst and money market manager.


Nick Appleby is Strategic Communications' computer and technology consultant. As well as developing the company's graphics and training materials, he researches and develops materials relating to online communication, computer-based presenting and training, and the Internet. Mr. Appleby is also a lecturer in the fields of Web Site Development and Internet Skills. He holds an MA from Edinburgh University.

We also draw upon the services of course design and training experts in the fields of cross-cultural communications, conflict resolution, and organizational behavior. Many of our instructors specialize in internal audit training as well.

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