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Third Edition

Marya W. Holcombe and Judith K. Stein
320 pages, hardcover

New for the Third Edition

Diskette of templates and AutoFormats for Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0

Tips for developing and delivering multimedia presentations

Tips for maximizing new presentation technologies

How-to information on presenting to an international audience

Guidelines for presenting as a team

Some Thoughts On the Book

Venture capitalists hear business presentations constantly; I've averaged over one per day for 23 years. The people who come to our door could use the advice in this book, particularly the emphasis on content and clarity over gimmickry, the insights into reading and managing audiences, and the analysis of different media. Not only is the book fundamentally sound; it is written in a practical, useful manner.
G. Leonard Baker, Jr.
General Partner
Sutter Hill Ventures

Presentations for Decision Makers provides the tools that help anyone structure and deliver a presentation that gets action. I've been using and recommending the authors' techniques for over 15 years. They get results.
Steve Keeble
Chief Executive Officer
CDA Investment Technologies

This is the most practical guide to more informative and more interesting communication skills I have seen. Everyone can benefit from its approach; for no one is a "good enough" communicator.
Vernon R. Loucks, Jr.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Baxter International Inc.

By far the best book I have seen on the art and science of delivering effective presentations. Invaluable.
Benno C. Schmidt, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Edison Project

Marya Holcombe does a masterful job of improving her client's presentation skills. If you can't work with her in person, read the book. Marya and co-author Judith Stein provide a wealth of information on adding style to your substance. I recommend Presentations for Decision Makers with great enthusiasm.
David F. Swensen
Chief Investment Officer
Yale University

Along with the practical system for developing persuasive content and clear guidelines for creating compelling visual support that made the first two editions of the book so popular, this new edition addresses the roles played by emerging technologies, heightened expectations, and increasing global communications in business presentations today.

Presentations for Decision Makers shows you how to use new technology to your advantage, provides guidelines for learning about different cultural mores you may encounter, and considers how to recognize and relate to people with differences in thinking styles in a meeting.

It addresses each step in the process, from planning the presentation through creating visuals, rehearsing, preparing for questions, and managing participation in formal, informal, and videoconference settings. You will come away with clear, effective strategies for getting your message across.

Strategic Communications also provides customized diskettes with client-specific charts and templates; contact us directly for more information.

You can order Presentations for Decision Makers online from the Web site of the publisher, John Wiley & Sons

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