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Now that e-mail systems make it possible to embarrass yourself and your organization many times faster than in the past, this course fills a pressing need. In a half day participants can learn to

This course starts with a powerful in-box exercise that demonstrates the need for creating appropriate messages. The instructors, all of whom are published authors, then work through a process for organizing appropriate content using the participants own samples. In the end, participants will have written at least three actual e-mail messages.

We follow-up with participants by offering to review up to three pieces of e-mail in the two weeks following the workshop.

Assignment Bring hard copy of 10 e-mails you have sent; and 10 you have received that you believe were ineffective

8:30-8:45 E-mail in-box exercise

8:45-9:00 Discussion: what do e-mail readers look for
9:15-11:00 Work through the process of developing an effective e-mail message for own work

- focusing on the decision maker's needs
- organizing support around reader's concerns
- developing a persuasive organization
- using the subject line effectively

11:00-11:45 Put structures on transparencies for review by the group

Discuss turning structure into text

12:00-12:30 Common grammar and usage flaws

12:30 Wrap up and goal-setting

Follow-up After the workshop, participants can send instructor up to 3
e-mail messages for review and feedback.

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