These programs combine Strategic Communications' Participant Analysis with information on thinking styles to give program participants an understanding of and techniques for working with the different ways in which people think, make decisions, and communicate. Through a series of exercises, participants learn to adjust their facilitation style to match the styles of the various people in a meeting.

Our two most popular programs address Facilitating the Problem-Solving Meeting and Facilitating the Information-Gathering Process. Both programs use the Participant Analysis model to anticipate problem areas or potential areas of confusion before as well as during a meeting. The programs address setting appropriate meeting goals and timeframes, preparing participants, managing expectations, and reinforcing the participants' ownership of a meeting's process and outcome.

Facilitating the Problem-Solving Meeting

In this program, participants learn a problem-solving model that will help them elicit workable, quality solutions. Participants learn to use specific criteria and group values to evaluate potential solutions so that the final option or group of options meets everyone's objectives and gains their commitment. Participants also learn brainstorming techniques that increase both the number and creativity of solutions.

Facilitating the Information-Gathering Process

This program provides techniques for gathering detailed information about a specific topic. Participants learn to ask appropriate questions, determined by the type of information they require and where they are in the information-gathering process.

As with all Strategic Communications programs, each facilitation skills workshop is tailored to the specific needs of the client. We work with the clients' materials to create a case, exercises, and examples so the participants can see how the concepts and techniques apply to their own work. During the programs, participants put what they've learned into action. Each participant is videotaped facilitating a portion of a meeting (either gathering information or following the problem-solving model). They receive group feedback as to what worked and what didn't, as well as private feedback from an instructor.

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