Meetings skills programs increase efficiency

People perceive that much of the time they spend in meetings is wasted. Taking a systematic approach can help make the whole process - preparation through closure - more efficient.

Our Managing Meetings program focuses on information-sharing and discussion and the relationship-building skills that help meeting participants reach their objectives. We use a model for thinking about client (internal and external) meetings to develop skills for

Program Design

This one- or two-day program includes discussion and exercises, customized to the client's situation and materials, to help the participants (whether they are leading or participating in a meeting) develop their meeting facilitation skills as well as their ability to deliver information in a way that meets the needs of their listeners. Actual client meeting situations are adapted for use in case studies, and roleplays ensure that participants can easily apply the techniques learned in their own jobs. Roleplays are videotaped and each participant will obtain feedback from the group and personalized feedback from one instructor.

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