This two day program is designed specifically for individuals who want to improve their spoken presentation skills. The program stresses personalized instruction and participation and will benefit anyone who influences decisions, synthesizes complex information for others, or must explain concepts to an audience not familiar with the jargon of the industry.

The program focuses on four crucial aspects of successful presentations:

Program Design

The hallmark of a good presentation is its content. Our system, which proceeds from analyzing the audience to establishing criteria to creating a logic tree (the "picture" of the argument), is a high-level thinking tool as well as a communication technique. As such, it is particularly appropriate for individuals who frequently must explain complex trends and reactions to a changing environment in terms that every member of their audience can understand. We use a case that is meaningful in the client organization to work through this system.

Program Development

In order to customize the workshop, we use samples of either presentation outlines or reports and memos from the client organization. We use these to ensure that the case we design is meaningful and as the basis for logic exercises.

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