This two day program is designed for managers whose responsibilities demand that they regularly communicate in writing. Participants learn a new approach that enables them to write more persuasively and more quickly. They also learn techniques for helping others improve their writing. The program combines classroom style learning with individual coaching sessions. The program emphasizes:

Program Design

This workshop stresses preparation - "thinking before you write" - because a systematic approach to writing is the best time management tool there is (for both writer and reader) and because the effectiveness of any written communication depends on the quality of the reasoning behind it. Our insistence on creating exercises from the organization's own materials means that participants find it easy to see how the system can work for them on the job. The combination of a workshop session for the whole group and individual sessions with the instructor provides for interchange of ideas and more detailed feedback.

Program Development

To customize the workshop, we meet with appropriate people in the organization to determine needs and get ideas for cases, examples and exercises. We also request samples of old reports and memos, preferably from people no longer in the organization, which we use to create logic exercises. We also request a writing sample from each participant before the program.

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